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About Us
New York Detox & Spa, Kuching, Sarawak

In the heart of the bustling town of Kuching with notable landmarks, stands our humble New York Pulse City, the first-of-its-kind medical and wellness center, which is set to reinvent how the medical world integrates conventional and regenerative medicine under one name. We strive on Importance of care to our patients who receive treatment here.

A one-stop hub from diagnosis to rehabilitation, New York Pulse City is re-writing and re-paving the road and rules of a life changing game.

New York Pulse City, was established for the sole purpose of creating awareness in Regenerative and Preventative Medicine. Using Modern Medical Science and technology, we heal from the cellular level by treating the root cause of diseases. We believe in this fundamental signature four-paradigm steps - Recognize, Reclaim, Repair and ReSTORe.


New York Pulse City is proud and thankful to our current patients for supporting us and believing in us to create a gateway into healthy aging by promoting Integrative Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Preventive Medicine using modern medical, research and evidence based medicine.

Accompanied with lifestyle changes and supplementation advice, we have achieved many good results in improving many of our patient’s quality of life.


It is with great pleasure, we introduce our Regenerative Specialists, Dr. Tan Lean Sim and Dr. Stephanie Ann Sardar, and a team of dedicated health ambassadors, medical personnel which comprises of qualified nurses and therapists, that we are able to proudly present New York Detox and Spa situated on the 3rd floor at CityOne Megamall, Jalan Song, Kuching.


New York Detox and Spa specifically concentrates on detoxification of the body’s main 6 systems such as Skin System, Urogenital System especially the kidneys, Digestive System (Colon), Respiratory System, Lymphatic System and Circulatory System.

Besides Detoxification, we also concentrate on Cell Health and Anti- Aging. By using stem cells and peptides in improving the function of the cells and tissue, it is believed to be the new fountain of youth.


The Vision of New York Pulse City is to aim for all East Malaysians, especially Sarawakians, to one day be able to take charge of their body, healed from all risks of chronic diseases from the root cause and age gracefully without pain and disability. Thus inspiring the present and future generations through non-invasive therapies.


Our Mission is to create a gateway into healthy aging by promoting awareness through the best of integrative and preventive medicine using modern non-invasive technology with our belief in “Prevention Is Better than Cure”.

New York Detox & Spa Vision and Mission



Concept of Regenerative and Preventive Medicine

Health Management & Therapies


Premium Regenerative Solutions through Integrating Cellular Therapies, Biomedical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices with Advanced Health Programs.


At New York Pulse City, we provide 4-stages (Recognize, Reclaim, Repair, and Restore) of health management.


Each stage allows us to provide personalized care and treatment for your individual health and needs. You will be treated for the root causes of your condition and symptoms in a holistic framework of our integrative therapies.

**Regenerative Medicine concentrates on prevention of worsening of a disease, enhancing and strengthening the body, it is not an alternative or in any way used to replace allopathic treatment. **

Our Services
Our Team


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Dr. Tan Lean Sim

Regenerative Specialist

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Dr. Stephanie Ann Sardar

Regenerative Specialist

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Mohd Shahril Bin Abdul Rahim




Bernard Yee
Bernard Yee

Public Relations & Communications


Happy Clients
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GENERAL INQUIRIES : +6082 532 890 / +6018 977 0998

Opening Hours
New York Detox & Spa, Kuching, Sarawak

Tuesday – Sunday  9.00AM – 7.00PM

3rd Floor, City One Megamall

Jalan Song

93350 Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

VIP SERVICE LINE : +6082 532 890 

WHATSAPP : +6018 9800 998


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