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Also known as Colonics, Colonic Irrigation, Colon Cleansing or Colon Lavage. A hydrotherapy is the infusion of clean, warmth and oxygenized water into the rectum to cleanse and flush out the toxins from the colon.

Waste material will stick at the lining of the colon. Over the period of time, it will create a layer of crust. There are blood vessels surrounding the colon that are supposed to absorb excess water. However, it is going to absorb toxins from the “crust” which are stuck at the lining of the colon.


• Constipation

• Diarrhoea

• Haemorrhoids

• Colitis

• Digestive problems/ Indigestion

• Flatulence

• Inability to lose weight

• Low energy

• Bloated

• Headaches

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

• Skin Problems

• Liver disorders

• Period pain

• Infertility

• Prostate problems

• Stress/ Insomnia




  • Renewed energy and vitality.

  • Return of regular and normal bowel function.

  • Promotes Relief of aches and pains in the body.

  • Sinuses draining and clearing.

  • Loosening of mucus in the lungs.

  • Relief of constant flu symptoms.

  • Skin tightening and promotes a healthier complexion.

  • Relieves bloating.

  • Relieves migraines and headaches.

  • Assist in weight loss.

  • Promotes relaxation.

  • Better concentration and improves brain fog.

  • Improved liver function.

  • Improved digestion.

  • Removes parasites.

  • Cleared candida.

  • Healthier hair and nails.

  • Relief from painful menstruation.

  • Reduces cravings for sugar and starches.

  • Improves nutritional absorption.

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