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Dr. Simon completed Medical Degree and postgraduate specialization in Radiology. He is a wonderful ultrasound specialist. He is also trained in electroencephalography and other various clinical and research methods. During hospital practice attended and participated in a big number of medical scientific conferences and workshops. Very dedicated to his interests in medicine and biology.

As a further career development Dr. Simon has chosen biomolecular medicine and stem cell research pathway. Apart from the research in biomolecular and stem cell technology Dr. Simon is an expert in biological medicine, complementary medicine, medical devices and treatment of neurophysiological disorders. He participates as a presenter in various medical conferences and exhibitions in Asia and abroad and provides trainings for medical professionals on German biological medicine. Dr. Simon is a member of Medical Advisory Board of Biomolecular Research (Germany) and European Wellness Centers International Group.

He is often invited by various companies to be a speaker and educator in biomolecular research industry. The importance of providing a continuous education to the public was well verbalized by Rudolf Virchow, who said once, “If popular medicine gave the people wisdom as well as knowledge, it would be the best protection for scientific and well-trained physicians”.

Our entire team’s philosophy is to accept the fact that life is short, the Art of Wellness is long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, and judgment difficult. The biological practitioner must be ready, not only to do his duty himself, but also to secure the co-operation of the patient, of the scientific researcher and the Nature itself.

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